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LA ROMANA Dominican Republic

Punta Cana Private Transfers


La Romana is one of the best known destinations in the Dominican Republic.It has spectacular beaches, incredible parks, beautiful landscapes and even an airport to enjoy an amazing stay.

It is located 45 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport and plays an important role in tourism, since it has many options to have fun on your vacation

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La Romana has Beautiful beaches, many hotels ( Casa de campo), village and resorts for all preferences, you can do exciting activities such as water excursions, walk around beaches, between others.

Here you can find many places to go and enjoy your vacation on the best way:

  • Altos de Chavon, is one of the most visited place for its culture and architecture  
  • Catalina island, its has a diversity of aquatic animals and crystal clear water, here you can do snorkeling 

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